Arnel O. Tan


Member of Philippine Bar and California State Bar.

Claire N. Espina


A former bank regulatory compliance officer prior to admission to the California State Bar.


The Firm is comprised of Claire N. Espina and Arnel O. Tan. Ms. Espina is a former bank regulatory compliance officer prior to admission to the California State Bar. She is the sole corporate shareholder and owner with over 21 years of litigation experience. Mr. Tan is an Associate Attorney of The Firm, and is a member of the Philippine Bar and California State Bar.

The history of The Firm takes root in the nearly two-decade partnership of Ms. Espina with Sherwin C. Edelberg who is her former criminal law professor. Mr. Edelberg retired in 2013 after a 53 year tenure as a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and Chicago where he originally comes from. Working alongside Mr. Edelberg, Ms. Espina honed her criminal defense skills and utilized her banking and finance experience in defense of persons accused of white collar crimes and fraud cases.

In Criminal Law, The Firm represents a diverse international clientele in criminal matters ranging from minor infractions and misdemeanors to the most serious felonies; from several months of trial involving multiple charges against an alleged Russian mafia head to simple DUI trials. The attorneys are well-versed with defense concerns of aliens and foreign nationals charged with crimes in the United States and represent these with a priority on mitigation of immigration consequences.

The Firm continues to represent a diverse international clientele in Civil Law and handles all aspects of plaintiff and defense work with a record for expedient and fair resolution of cases through settlement or trial in business dispute cases. The Firm has successfully secured settlements against a famous museum trust organization, international HMO organizations and several state governmental entities.

The Firm has represented and continues to represent prominent Filipino politicians, artists and business people in their legal affairs in the United States, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of its clients. Edelberg & Espina, APLC provides firm and steady guidance in matters of dealings with local and international media.

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