Dole Philippine banana worker decision ‘heartbreaking’, says attorney.

​August 10, 2012

Janet R. Nepales interviews former lawyer of Nora Aunor

July 3, 2014

5 things PNoy apparently didn’t know about Nora Aunor’s drug case
July 4, 2014
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Edelberg & Espina to Announce Lawsuit Against LAPD by Officer Who Exposed Alleged Violations by Former Chief Williams.

October 4, 2002

According to the law firm of Edelberg & Espina, when Bernard Parks became Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in 1997, the career of Lieutenant Kathleen Ann Sheehan -- now a 22 year veteran serving as a Watch Commander in the North Hollywood Division -- soon changed rapidly for the worse. Lt. Sheehan stood up for principles and ethics rather than be involved in some of the corruption and graft which was found on the upper levels of the LAPD administration.
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Decrying a "police culture" within the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) that overlooks criminal acts and corruption by those in favor while punishing those who tell the truth, Lieutenant Kathleen Ann Sheehan, a 22-year veteran LAPD officer, today filed a lawsuit against the department and others for alleged negative treatment she has received in the wake of her reporting alleged violations by former Chief Willie Williams​.
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Whistle Blower'' Lawsuit Filed by Edelberg & Espina to Change ``Police Culture'' Within the LAPD

October 8, 2002

The recent reports that Mrs. Nora Aunor, also known as Nora Villamayor, was convicted of a crime in the United States are patently false.
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Statement Regarding Nora Aunor
July 3, 2014


This appeal raises the issue whether article XV of the California Constitution (article XV) exempts all loans made by pawnbrokers from its provision against usury, or only exempts pawn transactions within the scope of the pawnbroker license. Read More.
Agapitov v Lerner

May 5, 2003

Former lawyer of Nora Aunor Claire Navarro Espina explains that the recent reports that Ms. Nora Aunor, also known as Nora Villamayor, was convicted of a crime in the United States are patently false. Read More.
Nora Aunor’s lawyer in the U.S. said in an official statement on Friday that the actress has “an unblemished record under U.S. law” and blasted at length President Benigno Aquino III’s official reason for denying her the National Artist award — that she had been “convicted and punished” in a drug case. Read More.
A decision by the Los Angeles Superior Court to throw out a chemical exposure case involving 2,935 banana workers has been described as ‘heartbreaking’ by the plaintiffs’ attorney. Read More.